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ATP Documentation: Business Documents

Sometimes it seems as if business - any business - runs on paperwork and documentation.

Brochures, employee manuals, letters, and forms are among the countless computer files and pieces of paper with carefully organized numbers and letters are essential to the operation of any business. However, creating these documents can take a great deal of time and effort - especially when you have a business to run.

Applied Technology Products has experience providing a variety of static and interactive documents to small business, non-profits, and multinational corporations and can meet your documentation needs accurately, precisely, and rapidly.

Even the most complicated and important writing or editing job can be usually completed within one week, and emergency tasks can be completed on almost any realistic schedule, albeit at a surcharge.

Whether you need a 'static' document like a report or an interactive document like a detailed spreadsheet to keep track a reoccuring business operation, let us help you create the business documents you need.

Contact ATP today for information about our business documentation services and to us know how we might help you meet your needs.

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ATP Documentation: Electronic Documentation

Not too long ago finding a piece of information used to require a lenghty series of steps in the time worn confines of your local library. The search for especially obscure pieces of information could require quite a bit of 'research,' and quite a bit of time at the library. Although finding a particularly elusive piece of information could be quite rewarding, and often capable delivering a unique flavor of exhilaration perhaps similar to that experienced by an exotic game hunter or precambrian paleontologist, it could also be time consuming and frustrating.

Today, if your document or information is not accessible online within a few seconds after a quick web browser search, it might as well not exist.

Even information seekers who love libraries rarely visit in search of obscure pieces of information anymore. Thanks the 'Internet' of millions of interconnected computers, the information seeker can now almost always find the information they are looking for after making just a few 'clicks' into their handy dandy 'browser.' While it is handy to find individual pieces of information at the click of a key, the Internet also allows the user access to virtually any multimedia format you can imagine.

While today's Internet provides individual pieces of information through a variety of means, increasingly, businesses and individuals need to offer their documents and information online in one or more 'electronic' formats such as 'odf,' mp3,' etc.

ATP can help turn your book or body of information into a file that can be easily accessed online.

ATP has experience converting documents in a variety of offline information formats into documents that are easily accessible online - and can help you or your company get the most out of your connection to the Internet. Furthermore, ATP can give your company an online presence, or establish, maintain, and update your existing online materials.

Please contact us if you are interested in converting existing information into an electronic format, need secure access to documents online from anywhere, or need to create or transcribe a new or existing body of information into an old fashioned book, new fangled eBook, or any other format you can think of.

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ATP Documentation: Help Systems

Today's customers are used to turning to computers when they need help, and Applied Technology Products can help your company succeed by providing computer based help systems for processes, products, or systems not usually associated with online help.

What if your restaurant, hotel, or retail operation included an online help system that could be accessed from every computer associated with the business and provided important task-related information for anything your employees might ever need?

What if you could add new tasks to your help system whenever you wanted, or change existing tasks without having to rewrite an entire employee or operational manual?

The same kind of help systems you are used to using with a computer software product can be created to accompany and provide information and 'help' for virtually anything. Furthermore, some SmartPhone Apps can also be configured to provide ready access to standard operating procedure information or other information that is repeatedly accessed by you or your employees.

Applied Technology Products can develop an online help system for your business, operation, or process capable of replacing dusty, outdated, and unread manuals with a dynamic and useful computer-based information system.

Please contact ATP for more information.

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ATP Documentation: Interactive Documents

Many companies must track inventory, customers, service data, and other information on a regular basis and computers are powerful tools capable of reducing costs, providing information, and increasing returns. While many types of businesses often have several types of 'off the shelf' business software solutions to choose from, it can be easy to forget that database and spreadsheet applications in the 'office' suite you probably already own can be programmed to perform tasks unique to your business as well as other functions provided by expensive business software packages.

Just as a word processor makes it easy to create 'static' documents like letters and reports, databases and spreadsheets allow you to create and use 'interactive' documents capable of tracking customers or inventory, calculating profit and loss - and an almost unimaginable variety of other tasks.

Database software is often used to create a 'front end' to access large amounts of information about customers etc. In contrast, a spreadsheet is a kind of full function number processor or calculator that allows you to set up and reuse a document interactively to perform customized functions such as determining engineering parameters, or calculating profit and loss. Spreadsheets are capable of performing an extremely wide range of business, engineering, financial, mathematical, and statistical functions, and have a wide variety of applications in countless fields. While it may be clear that an interactive document like a spreadsheet or database can provide yor business with an important tool to organize data, identify trends, or streamline processes, often it is not clear how to program a spreadsheet or database to achieve your goals.

ATP can develop spreadsheets that accurately and precisely perform extremely complex or repetitive business, engineering, and technical functions from a few fields of user entered data. If you need specialized interactive documentation but find working with Excel (or Calc for you 'open source' fans out there) daunting, let Applied Technology Products develop the 'interactive' documents you need.

Contact ATP today for more information about interactive documents and how they can help you or your business.

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ATP Documentation: Office/OpenOffice

If you own a new or used computer, chances are you own at least a part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, which includes Access, (database), Excel (spreadsheet), OneNote (student), Outlook (email and personal information manager), PowerPoint (presentation), and Word (word processing). These 'office' programs, especially Access, Excel, and Word, have a wide variety of programmable functions, and in the case of Excel especially, can be programmed to perform an almost unimaginable number of tasks.

But wait..., there's more...
While one might be tempted to add to or upgrade their 'suite' by purchasing one or more of the latest version or any of these single products - or perhaps the entire suite as a whole - donation based 'open source' software called OpenOffice.org provides almost identical function at just a fraction of the cost.

OpenOffice consists of Base (database), Calc (spreadsheet), Draw (drawing), Impress (presentation), Math (formula processor), and Writer (word processor) that provide almost all of the functions you would expect to find in (much more) expensive commercial software products.

Open source Operating Systems are also available and ATP can help you install and operate them as well.

Contact ATP today to get the most from your existing 'office' product, or to select, download, and install new commercial or open source office components on your new or existing computer.

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ATP Documentation: Tech/User Manuals

We have gotten used to opening new products and finding the product, a few accessories, and (often) a ridiculously inadequate piece of paper with the barest minimum of product information. Unfortunately, even the most fantastic and wonderful product ever developed could be useless if no one could figure out how to operate it. That is why complete, detailed, and up to date documentation is an important part of any product or service.

ATP has experience writing a wide variety of manuals - often while simultaneously performing quality assurance - and can provide accurate, precise documentation for virtually any product you can imagine on time and on budget.

Different kinds of products often require different kinds of documentation. One product may require a complete set of instructions to assist users in the operation of the product. A different product may only require a set of instructions detailing the technical aspects of the product for use when there is some kind of a problem. Many products sell better when prospective buyers have access to detailed product documentation prior to purchase. Some products may benefit from the existence of all of these different types of product documentation.

No matter what kind of product documentation you need, ATP would like to discuss your needs with you. We have created a variety of manuals, including technical textbooks, operational manuals, technical manuals, and user manuals, and look forward to helping you provide your customers with the information they need.

Please contact ATP for more information about documentation to accompany your product or service.

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