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About ATP: Introduction

Applied Technology Products (ATP) is a small business based in Manitou Springs, Colorado that offers a wide range of high tech products and services including custom computers, documentation services, product development, software development, and system assessment.

ATP provides aerospace, biotechnology, computing, and telecommunications consulting services to non-military and non-religious clients through hourly, project, and collaborative agreements.

Although ATP provides many types of services and works to develop many types of products with a wide range of characteristics, ATP is dedicated to the development of solutions to today's most challenging problems through the application of science and technology.

Experience, graduate studies, and wide spectrum independent studies means that ATP has a strong foundation in business, computing, engineering, science, and technology upon which to build your documentation, product, or project. Furthermore, no matter what the field, ATP's strong dedication to objectivity guarantees that deliverables will be carefully validated and referenced when appropriate or requested, enabling you or those who read materials created by ATP to return to original sources for verification or more information.

Please consider the list of disciplines ATP currently counts among its capabilities, experiences, expertise, and interests, below.

Aerospace Systems: aerodynamics, crashworthiness, deicing, active lift control, and propulsion.

Alternative Energy: custom, photovoltaic, thermal, thermoelectric, and hybrid systems.

Biochemistry: biotechnology, cytometry, energetics, and nutrition.

Chemistry: analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and laboratory methods.

Computer Systems: data acquisition, 8086 to modern multicore, 'Wintel' architecture, BASIC, C++ and JAVA programming.

Electronics: basic design, prototyping, and repair.

Laboratory/Research Systems: biotechnology, cytometry, and physics research Measurement.

Mathematics: differential, integral, and statistical methods with a special interest in information and information systems.

Medical: anatomy, emergency services, physiology, pathology, imaging, and inborn errors of metabolism.

Networks: ATM, OC3, HTML, LAN, WAN, and network protocol analyzer operation and analysis.

Transportation/Propulsion: internal combustion engine (Model T to fuel injection), turbojet, turboshaft, and electric drive.

Safety: institutional operations (inspections, maintenance, and training), hazardous materials accumulation, disposal, emergency response, and investigation.

Challenging, fast paced, high risk, high technology projects with applications in the development of restorative and sustainable products are of special interest to our company.

Contact us if you have any questions, are considering contracting our services, or know of any way we might work together to make the world a better place in which to live.

Thank you for your interest in ATP!

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About ATP: Goals

The primary goal of Applied Technology Products is the provision of correct, prompt, reliable, and high quality products and services to our clients.

ATP seeks to generate value through the provision of exemplary engineering, quality, and scientific services to the aerospace, biotechnology, computing and telecommunications industries, and works to creates new products through the application of ongoing advances in science and technology.

Applied Technology Products is dedicated to the recognition, development, and provision of products, services, mechanisms, and systems capable of meeting the advanced technology needs of current and future generations while healing the environment and creating a more just and sustainable world.

While ATP seeks to generate income and create a profitable 'bottom line,' ATP's calculation of corporate value is perhaps unique in that it includes creating products and services that solve important environmental problems, prevent injury and illness and alleviate human suffering. Similar ideas, approaches, and goals include the 'triple bottom line' (or 'the three pillars'), 'geonomics,' and value networks.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services, know how to improve them or make them more sustainable - or know of some mechanism through which ATP can contribute that has been overlooked.

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About ATP: History

Applied Technology Products has been pursuing the development of societally beneficial products and providing a variety of services to a wide range of clients since 1995. While the initial thrust of business operations focused upon the design and development of products, ATP's business model has evolved over the years in response to the needs of our clients and staff.

After initiating business operations as a sole proprietership, in 1995 ATP became an 'affiliate' of the 'Colorado Biomedical Venture Center,' a Denver based 'biotechnology incubator' focused upon the development and expansion of biomedical businesses in Colorado. ATP successfully incorporated shortly thereafter in order to seek a grant to fund the development of a cancer treatment created by ATP's primary stakeholder, Groff M. Schroeder.

When that grant, and several others were ultimately rejected (despite positive feedback from reviewers), ATP principals focused upon the development of products designed to fill market niches characterized by large markets, strong demand, and the absence of viable products. This led to the recognition of the challenges faced by those seeking to commercialize new products and an attempt to develop software products in house.

After the expenditure of a great deal of time and energy ATP developed a general purpose educational software for college students entitled Study Partner. Version one of the product was not as successful as hoped and the project encountered numerous challenges associated with an overabundance of critical tasks and inadequate financial and personnel resources. However, Study Partner 2.0, which includes game-like functions and automated text to speech self-testing, is approaching completion.

Since its inception, ATP has worked to develop products, pursued research grants with NASA and other federal agencies, provided reasonably priced services to individuals, and completed business to business contracts such as a consulting agreement with Hewlett Packard and Agilent and a long term non-disclosure agreement with a major multinational auto manufacturer. ATP greatly expanded business operations in early 2012, and is currently seeking new clients and opportunities.

Please let us know how we might meet your needs.

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About ATP: Methods

Thanks to science, mathematics, engineering and communication, humans already hold the key to the solution of virtually every problem we face and ATP seeks to apply such science and technology to the most difficult problems available. However, problems that are difficult to solve are often equally difficult to monetize.

Therefore, although the company focuses upon the provision of day-to-day services such as new computer system consulting and used computer upgrade and repair, ATP devotes a part of its resources to the application of existing and cutting edge science and technology to the development of documentation, products and services capable of addressing the difficult problems humans face and meeting the needs of an increasingly endangered earth.

In every aspect of its business operations, ATP abides by the following ideals.

Applied Technology Products is a company of integrity.

ATP strives at all times to operate in full compliance with the highest ethical standards.

ATP will not participate in any activity that could be perceived as unethical in any way.

Operating in an ethical manner is of primary importance to ATP.

Contact ATP if you notice any aspect of ATP operations that do not meet these ethical guidelines.

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About ATP: Mission

ATP assists individuals and small companies with emerging technologies, provides engineering, quality, and scientific services to the aerospace, biotechnology, computing and telecommunications industries, and creates new products through the application of exciting new advances in science and technology.

Applied Technology Products is also dedicated to the generation of mechanisms for the creation of a more just and sustainable world. While it might appear that these two corporate goals are antithetical, unless one sets out with the goal of improving society and the environment for all it can be easy to lose sight of such Humanitarian ideals.

It is the mission of Applied Technology Products, Inc. to provide the highest level of performance possible, meeting our clients' needs on time, on budget, and with the highest quality products and services available.

While ATP seeks to generate income and create a profitable "bottom line," ATP's calculation of corporate value is unique in that it includes creating products and services that solve important environmental problems, prevent injury and illness and alleviate human suffering.

Please contact us to learn more about ATP's products, services, goals, ideals, methods, mission, and vision.

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About ATP: Vision

Many things have changed in the world of business over the last 50 to 100 years. One hundred years ago, most people went into business with the goal of making enough money to support their family by putting a roof over their heads and enough food on their tables. While such intentions had primarily characterized small businesses for time immemorial, in the late 20th century, all that changed.

The success of brilliant inventors like Dean Kaman, entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, and aggressive business tycoons like Bill Gates combined with changing political and social attitudes best communicated by Ronald Reagan's statement that 'greed is good' led to an environment in which people saw business as a 'get rich quick' scheme capable of making them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. The idea that one entered business for sustenance was replaced by the idea that one entered business to 'make a killing.' Although a very small number of people did realize such intentions, many more paid for them through low wages, inadequate access to health care, and the slow but widespread dissapearance of pension plans and other examples of traditional US benefits that helped to make retirement tolerable.

However, despite sometimes apparently strong societal trends in the other direction, some see the world as an opportunity not to help themselves, but to help others. Groff Schroeder is such a person, and Applied Technology Products is one of many vehicles through which he is attempting to help others and bring ideals of a better world to fruition. Still, like the every day business owners of old (and everyone else), Mr. Schroeder must feed and house his family, so ATP's larger ideals share the more mundane goal of simply providing for the families of ATP management and staff, even though the company holds, and works to achieve, more lofty goals.

Applied Technology Products seeks to meet the needs of its clients, those contributing to ATP's goals, and others by not only providing high quality every day business services, but also working to solve the most challenging and refractory problems facing human kind through the application of mathematics, science, and technology with the goal of making our communities and our planet better places to live.

You may have a problem waiting for a solution - or a solution waiting for a problem. Perhaps you just need someone to develop business documents for you overnight or need help picking out and setting up a new laptop. Either way, please let us know, because ATP wants to help you achieve your goals.

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