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ATP Services: Assessment

So you thought you had that tough problem figured out and implemented what should have been the fix - but the problem remains - despite the best efforts of your team. Or maybe it appears that you have identified a new approach to an old problem that looks too good to be true.

Sometimes, it can be hard to 'see the forest for the trees,' especially if you work with lumber. Applied Technology Products can provide an external point of view, seeing your problem from a fresh perspective devoid of the forces that can often make internal assessments less than satisfactory.

ATP will thoroughly and objectively dissect your operation, problem, process, or system, evaluating it from angles you probably would not have thought of. ATP can perform both rapid quick assessments that can be delivered quickly and extremely thorough scientific analyses, including not only the documented assessment, but also copies of collected data sets, explanations of materials and metods used in its analysis, and mathematical and graphical representations of the data and its significance. In addition, ATP assessments and internally developed documents usually include references to external sources, such as a bibliography, references, and citations. ATP can even perform in depth scientific research suitable for publication under correct circumstances.

ATP can provide complete, detailed, timely, and objective analyses of of virtually anything you can imagine, delivering our assessment in easy to understand yet technically thorough written reports. No matter what you needs and price range, ATP can deliver a useful assessment on time and on budget.

Contact ATP today about your assessment needs for a prompt and detailed estimate.

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ATP Services: Multimedia

Applied Technology Products is mostly Groff Schroeder, who enjoys writing music and taking photographs, some of which have appeared in art shows. As for video, Groff has written complete video scripts, participated in the creation of corporate training videos, and captured video records of important events.

Please stand by...

...more to come.

Let ATP create the musical, photographic, and or videographic products you need.

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ATP Services: Proof/Prototype

While it can be fun and interesting to develop products, early in the development process it is important to perform one or more experiements to demonstrate that the basic concept of the product will do what it needs to do in the context of its planned working environment. Similarly, as the product design nears completion, it is important to actually build a working prototype of the product to demonstrate that the final product will operate as predicted.

Applied Technology Products has constructed and tested several product prototypes and proof of concept experiments and looks forward to working with you to evaluate your new product, process, or service.

Please contact ATP for more information.

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ATP Services: Research

Finding what you want in a sea of information can be quite a challenge, especially if your expertise/enjoyment zone does not include pouring through countless sources in search of facts.

Although the Internet has in many ways changed the way that research is done, transporting the card catalog, reference sources, and more from a busy building downtown into everyone's computer, it can still be difficult to find the exact information you need - and you still might have to go to the library to obtain it.

While most people can eventually find the information they want, not everyone knows how to find what they want or wants to spend the time to pour through numerous sources (which are even more numerous in the 'informaton age') to find the information they need. In addition, new copyright laws can make it a challenge to perform business technology research ethically.

Let Applied Technology Products help you find the information you need by performing the research for you. We have years of experience finding information and correctly communicating it in compliance with copyright law, and we look forward to helping you identify, locate, and properly utilize the information you need.

Please contact ATP for more informatoin about our research services.

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ATP Services: Safety

Identifying safety problems can be more difficult than it sounds. People get used to doing things in a certain way - and unless they have experience with or knowledge of safety procedures or industrial hygeine, it can be easy to overlook even glaring safety problems in the home or workplace.

ATPs primary principal, Groff Schroeder, has experience performing safety inspections - and resolving safety problems - in large educational environments.

Just one safety problem, whether it be in the home or business setting, can be very expensive in many ways and it si often more cost effective to resove safety problems before an accident occurs than after it has happened. Although it can be costly if an employee is injured, injury to a client or customer can have an even more devastating effect.

Please contact ATP if you would like us to perform a safety inspection of your facility, to review your process for safety, or assist you with safety training or other issues.

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ATP Services: Validation

No matter what kind of product or service you create or perform it is important to verify that your product or service does actually accomplish what you say it will. While one way to approach this task is to simply assure your customers that the product or service comnplies with your claims, another way to proceed is to prove your product does what you say it will by having an outside, objective individual or organization assess the performance of your product or service.

Alternatively, you may want someone to verify the claims made for a product or service that just seems too good to be true. Who has the time and energy to chase down the claims made for a product prior to purchasing it?

Applied Technology Products enjoys performing assessments to validate products, services, or the claims of those offering them. We will carefully assess the process, product, or service in which you are interested in an attempt to validate the process, product, or service and deliver a thorough written document detailing our findings.

Please contact us for more information about our product testing, quality, and validation services.

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