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Computer: Custom Systems

Have you ever gleefully opened the box of a new computer, overflowing with great expectations and barely contained excitement - only to find yourself on the verge of taking a sledge hammer to the object of your desire only a few hours later?

Since the first personal computers appeared on the market in the early 1980s, users have often struggled with the process of determining their computer needs, identifying what kind of system to buy, finding the best price, setting up their new systems, and configuring them to meet their needs.

Applied Technology Products principal Groff Schroeder has been recommending, purchasing, and configuring computer systems since they first appeared on the market in the early 1980s so ATP has a great deal of experience turning the potentially difficult, expensive, painful, and time consuming process of new computer system identification, acquisition, setup, and configuration into a reasonably priced, quick, smooth, and painless experience.

ATP new computer services will help you find the best computer for your needs at the best price, avoid potential pitfalls and problems associated with new machine setup and configuration, and enjoy a computer system designed for your needs and tailored to your preferences. Imagine a new computer that is a fully functional tool (or toy) the first time you sit sown to use it - rather than a marginally inscrutable headache with a steep learning curve.

Let ATP help you:

Identify your computing and component needs,

Match your needs to suitable hardware and software,

Locate products compatible with your price range,

Help you to find a great price on a complete and operational system,

Connect, install, and set up the individual components of your new system,

Install optional hardware and software,

Configure the hardware and software of your system to your unique needs,

Set up backups and other essential services, and

Provide introductory training to launch your new computer experience.

Contact ATP today to save yourself money, time, and trouble by letting us identify, obtain, assemble, and configure your new computer system so that all you have to do is sit down and start using it!

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Computer: Hardware/Software

Although people may be similar, just as the computer needs of different people can vary widely, the hardware/software needs of computer users can be quite different.

Some users only want the ability to access the Internet. Others have relatively heavy word processing, business documentation, and data backup needs. Yet others want their computers to function as a dedicated photographic repository, recording studio, or data capture and processing center. Some want their software comfigurations to do 'all of the above' - and more.

Applied Technology Products has been working with small and large computer systems, add-on hardware, and task specific software and their users since about 1982. We have experience identifying, selecting, obtaining, and setting up all of the hardware/software confugurations listed above - and many others. We can help you find a new system or - in many cases - upgrade your existing system to meet your expanded needs.

Do not let the challenges of hardware/software selection, set up, and configuration turn your dream computer into a nightmare. Let ATP create and install your new system so all you have to do is start working - or playing.

Contact ATP today to learn more about our computer and hardware/software selection, set up, and configuration services.

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ATP Computer: Network/Internet

Not so long ago if a person wanted to go into business or even just communicate with the wider world, all they had to do was open the doors of a 'bricks and mortar' site, and start doing business with anyone who came through the door. Well times have changed a great deal, and today, it is difficult to accomplish much of anything without some kind of presence on the 'world wide web' of networked computers often referred to as the Internet - even if you already have a massive 'bricks and mortar' presence.

With experience developing web sites employing HTML, CSS, and javascript, and numerous experiences providing documentation, quality, and testing services, Applied Technology Products can help you launch your web presence, assist with the maintenance of your existing web site, develop documentation for your new product, or test your products or services at the same time.

This web site was developed by ATP, and employs HTML, CSS, and javascript components as well as a variety of graphics created in Photoshop and other image editing software. We can assist you with the spectrum of network and web related services.

In addition to HTML and web site experience, ATP also has local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) experience providing onsite and Internet-based services to corporate clients, especially with respect to the provision of quality assurance and competitive assessment of products and services under research and development. ATP has provided extremely complex testing and functional verification services in highly technical environments involving numerous network technologies. In addition, we have also performed concomitant documentation services, developing user and technical manuals at the same time we were testing products under research and development.

Thanks to the awe inspiring access that the Internet provides, ATP can meet the needs of customers across the street - or on the other side of the planet. In addition to providing the ability to reach customers anywhere, the Internet provides our company with the ability to expand our abilities and obtain training for almost any subject imaginable.

Contact us today to learn more about our computer documentation, network, programming, testing, and verification services and to us know how we might help you meet your needs.

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ATP Computer: Programming/C++

ATP has been working with computers, computer systems, tag based software systems, and computer programming since about 1982. We have experience with BASIC, COBOL, C++, as well as HTML.

Applied Technology Products has had a general purpose study tool called Study Partner under development in C++ for many years. Study Partner 2.0 is nearing completion and our software division is occupied with the final development of this internal product. While complete software development operations are feasible, at this time ATP limits its software programming services under C++ to the development of prototypes.

If you are considering the development of a software product, ATP can create a prototype that will allow you to evaluate the 'look and feel' of the proposed product - or create a complete design for the product under UML to help you plan the development of the entire product including: design, documentation, help, programming, testing, validation, and launch.

Contact ATP today to learn more about our programming services, software services - or to learn more about Study Partner, its impending release, or its companion products.

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ATP Computer: Quality Assurance

Thanks to the rapid and continuing development of microprocessor, display, and memory systems, even the simplest software and hardware systems are almost unimaginably complex, especially in the context of the stunning capabilities of todays multi-core microprocessors, advanced graphics systems, and mature software development languages and environments. Furthermore, even the tiniest 'bug' an program severely damage a product if it interferes with important functions, presents incorrect results, or makes the user uncomfortable.

Applied Technology Products has a great deal of experience with computer software quality assurance and validation, including 'black box' testing, 'white box' testing, automated testing, concomitant development of technical and user documentation on software systems under research and development. Furthermore, ATP has performed competitive analysis, comparitive testing, and technical validation of network protocol analyzer systems under direct and indirect contracts.

No matter what kind of product or service you are developing, manufacturing, or providing, ATP can help you ensure that it is free of defects and ready for a trouble free launch. In addition to the provision of a thorough, objective analysis documented in a complete detailed report, ATP specializes in perfoming quality assurance services in concert with the development of user and or technical documentation.

Contact ATP today for more information about our quality assurance services - or our simultaneous quality and documentation services.

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ATP Computer: Upgrade/Vintage

Is that 'old' XP computer slowing down to the point you can hardly stand to work with it anymore? Does a beloved but outdated computer inspire feelings of sadness and betrayal everytime you think of it sitting alone in the closet as you work with your hot new system?

Many times, 'old' and 'outdated' computers are struggling to overcome 'bloatware,' overfull hard drives, and unfamilarity with upgrade processes. Applied Technology Products may be able to convert that suddenly slow computer filled to the brim with valuable files, photographs and software packages back into a functional machine capable of providing another round of service.

Upgrading RAM memory to the maximum and freeing up hard disk space often gives computers the computational breathing room they need for fast operation while running 'malware' removers such as 'Adaware' or 'Glary Utilities' can help to rid your computer of files it no longer needs or uses. Together, these interventions can return a computer that appeared ready for recycling into a productive member of your local electronic tool society.

You may also have an ancient 'XT Clone' from the dawn of time forlornly tucked into a closet or even a rare CP/M machine that cannot be started because you just can't remember how to do it or the hard drive and video settings were lost when the 'CMOS' battery on the 'motherboard' failed. In their day, those ancient hardware/software systems ran programs just as useful as those run by modern computers, albeit in a simpler and less high tech way. Maybe you have to give up a some of those fancy word processing functions to return to the days of computing yester-yore, but who needs 'anchors,' movie, sound, and 'objects' when the monochrome display of your character based computer can fire up a markup language based word processor like WordStar? ATP can sometimes recover records from very old machines and move them onto new computers, and convert files in ancient formats like .ws and .wp into modern formats (.doc, .ods, etc.)

ATP can often turn painfully slow but formerly trusty XP machines back into useful tools, and knows how to make machines that run CP/M, MSDOS, and Windows 3.1 live again. While vintage machines and software will never begin to be as accurate and graphically sophisticated as a modern machines, no matter how old the machine, it almost certainly can still run funky vintage software and may even qualify as cool - especially if running the World War I simulation game of Flight Simulator 1.0 in all its wire frame graphics glory.

No matter if you need to upgrade a relatively new system, squeeze another couple of years out of an old XP machine, or resurrect a cool collectible 'PC' from the dawn of the computer age, let us help. Upgrading your RAM and hard drive often restores useful function and is much less expensive than purchasing a new machine, and older machines can provide great computer and electronics learning opportunities for young people.

Contact ATP for more information about our computer upgrade and vintage rescue services.

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